18 Mar 12 at 6 am


Mr. Bean Nails!

I’m sure everyone of you at some point has seen a Mr. Bean episode. The live action series starring Rowan Atkinson started in 1990. The series is now legendary and famous worldwide, despite having only shot 14 episodes.

The series has also spawned an animated version, which my daughter loves so much. I love Mr. Bean too, I grew up watching episodes of the live action series. 

A bit of trivia about Mr. Bean/Rowan Atkinson

1. He drives race cars in real life, that’s why he is so good at driving that green leyland mini.

2. He is one of the richest men in  UK. Worth millions!

3. He’s worked with Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) in comedy sketches and I believe they’re friends 

4. He has a hot daughter

Ok, on with the manicure. I used a total of 9 polishes for this. I used OPI Your Royal Shyness for Mr. Bean’s skin. I used Sally Hansen HARD as NAILS Xtreme Wear in Sweet for Teddy and Mr. Bean’s suit. The rest of the polishes were local brands, such as Caronia (Black and Purple), B2K (Green and White), and Sassy (Nail art pens in silver, red, white and black). My top coat of course, was my favorite top coat from The Face Shop.

I did a tutorial - EASY CARTOON EYES using dotting tools. Just don’t breathe when you’re dotting for precision purposes :-P